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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$10,000, 1 YEAR, and 2% = $1,400,000.00


♦ Open a broker account with a starting portfolio value of $10,000
♦ Visit my New Site pre-market opening and get the plays for the day (coming Nov. 1)
♦ Place the trades for the day using limits that will be stated here
♦ The goal is to have a daily gain of 2% (of your portfolio value)
♦ In less than one year, your portfolio will have a value well over $1,0o0,oO0.oO
♦ It has been proven several years ago and now I am coming back. Coming Soon... how to apply these picks with a system that I have developed which simply sets limits that include a 2.5% gain (gets you 2% plus covers expenses, commisions, etc...) - and a sell stop limit of a 3% loss

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