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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot Options for Wed October 20, 2010

(JPM)  ♦  Jan 36 Put @ 1.81
(JPM)  ♦  Jan 44 Put @ 5.75 - if you can get it below the $6 level
(WMT) ♦ Jan 52.50 Call @ 2.15
(JASO) ♦ Mar 9 Call @ 1.15

♦♦ To any newbies checking out my new blog, dont get scared away because once I re-open my main, interactive social site up and running, it's a foolproof system that even a first time trader can use while understanding how to apply picks like a pro. I originally started this type of blog years ago when I was about 23yrs old after looking at scam after scam online - all state the same info, show you huge gains on about 5 stock picks that happened over 12months time. Then when you read disclaimer, states 'all examples are showed for what could happen' - well, as you talk to others, and they see I am back, we all will make out - BIG! I will get into how I want you to use limits on the Option Picks in the next week.

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